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Maine Farm & Local Business Partners

The Washington General Store is proud to support Maine farms and local businesses.  You can find their products for sale in the grocery area of the store and, in some cases, right in your sandwich or grab and go meal!

  • 3 Duck Farm
  • Blueberry Fields B&B
  • Bowden’s Egg Farm
  • Cellardoor Winery
  • Dharma Farm
  • Dogpatch Farm
  • Miller Family Farm
  • Morse’s Sauerkraut
  • Pumpkin Vine Farm
  • Raider’s Sugar House
  • Savage Oakes Winery
  • Slater Farm
  • Snowy Hill Farm
  • Sunny Acres Farm

You’ll also find items from many local hand crafters, artists, and writers for sale that a are perfect for gifts and souvenirs, or as a special treat for yourself!