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Washington General Store History



The building that’s now home to The Washington General Store has an interesting history.  It’s always been a large, central part of our small Maine town.  However, it’s taken on a variety of forms since it was initially built. 

After the building was completed in the 1930s it was used as a lumber barn.  At this time the large building’s three floors were filled with drying lumber that had just been milled on Washington Pond.  In fact, lumber that was left in the 3rd floor drying room was used to make the bar by the front windows.

After it the lumber ran out in the area, the building became Luce’s Bargain Shop.  Luce’s was one of those fantastic places where you never knew what you might find. From antiques to junk it was all available at Luce’s Bargain Shop.

Then, in 2013 the building went up for auction.  After it didn’t sell, Sean and Amy Donaghy bought it.  Then they began the labor of love that was turning the old, vinyl sided former lumber barn into the beautiful general store you see today.    

The Donaghys made a point of incorporating pieces of the building’s history into their renovations.  Found pieces including old doors, the tongue and groove wood siding, and the previously milled lumber were added to contemporary elements to create a new space with the feel of the past.

Now that it’s become The Washington General Store we hope you’ll come by and say hello.  You can even enjoy some of our food, drinks and other assorted sundries while having a look around the new, old building.