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Ice Cream

“I scream, you scream we all scream for Ice Cream!”

If you’re screaming for ice cream and you’re near Washington, Maine you can come by The Washington General Store where we have ice cream available for you in various forms:

  • Come by for a sundae or ice cream cone from our scoop shop.
  • Purchase a full or half gallon to take home and share (We have flavors from Ben & Jerry’s (including vegan ice cream), Hershey’s and Friendly’s in stock all year long).
  • Grab a popsicle or ice cream bar from the freezer by the kitchen.

This way, however you like your ice cream, you can stop screaming and come get your fix at The General.  

Questions?  Want to be sure we have your favorite ice cream flavor in stock?  Just call 207-845-2007 and we’ll be happy to help with whatever you need.